Showreel 2019 Thegrop – Motion Graphics Showreel 2019 from Laurent De Vleeschouwer on Vimeo.

Older Projects

Older projects We’ve all started somewhere, so here are my previous showreels, mainly composed of school work. The 2014 one is quite […]


Overground – Forget the Boundaries This was my Bachelor’s project, back at ESIAJ in Belgium. I’ve worked on that project as a […]


Pryborg This is definitely my favourite personal project, that I’ve made entirely from scratch. I really loved working on this, as it […]

Now TV Fibre Broadband

Now TV – Fibre Broadband A digital advert that I’ve made for Now TV The characters and a few props were supplied, […]

FOTW Ident

Fall Off The Wall – Ident This project was part of a Labs series at Fall Off The Wall, to redesign the […]

36 Days of Type 2017

36 Days of Type – 2017 You are probably already familiar with this project, but if not, the “36 Days of Type” […]